The two and three day retirement course is designed to prepare employees who are 1-4 years from retirement for the transition from federal service. This course looks deep into the steps neccessary to make a successful transition. The course incorporates more detail on Social Security, health benefits, Medicare, Long-Term Care and Estate Planning. More practical exercises are included to help the employee estimate retirement income needs. There are also discussions on tax issues in retirement as well as where to retire. This is a well rounded pre-retirement offering.
The mid-career class is best suited for employees who are 10-24 years from retirement. There is an emphasis on saving for retirement, college savings plans, and debt management. The retirement benefits class is designed to make the employee aware of their retirement plan and how to forecast benefits using the Ballpark Estimate. Less emphasis is given on survivor elections and healthcare in retirement. Financial Literacy courses shown at right are all included here as well.

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Two and Three Day Seminars for Mid-Career and Pre-Retirement

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The two and three day series are for mid-career planning and for pre-retirement training. The courses implement a wide range of detailed information from a myriad of disciplines to provide the employee with an in-depth look at where they stand with regard to retirement and what savings they will need to meet future goals. Both courses start with a class on the risks in retirement, both financially and personally. The focus then shifts to the benefits available and the savings required to meet future goals. Finally, the students complete a case study to reinforce the concepts learned in the seminars. A substantial amount of time is devoted to topics such as social security, healthcare, and Thrift Savings Plan withdrawals.
Two or Three Day Mid-Career Class
Two or Three Day Pre-Retirement Classes
Topics for Two and Three Day Pre-Retirement Classes:
CSRS/FERS Benefit topics:

Financial Literacy topics: